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work package 6

Capacity development and dissemination


Capacity development is crucial for fostering individual competencies that enable stakeholders to act in a way that is both responsible and self-dependent. The aims of this work package are exchange and evaluation of new knowledge on DTPs for its contribution to societal and scientific progress. We will share skills and knowledge on DTP themes. The WP will mainly provide learning and training opportunities but will also support policy processes to facilitate the design of feasible environmental management. A special emphasis will be laid on practical tools and information to help managers respond to looming desertification tipping points. NamTip implements capacity development at different levels with activities specially tailored to the actors and supports established and developing institutions, communications structures and policies. It takes into account the specific and changing demands and needs of the Namibian stakeholders and institutions. In combination with the iterative exchange process with stakeholders, our approach will invigorate the interface between capacity development and dissemination. It will also be the basis for developing a Namibian-German network for future generations of young academics and resource managers who have a thorough understanding of DTPs.

Lead institution:

Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE) GmbH

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