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FKZ: 01LC1821A-E
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work package S2

Comparing SESs with different social-ecological processes


This work package conducts a comparative analysis based on case study research. Case studies will be selected from the two land tenure systems characteristic of the research region. In order to gain a regional and comparative perspective, these case studies will comprise three communal villages and three freehold farms. The project phase builds on the retrospective analysis carried out in work package S1 and complements the study by identifying common and divergent social drivers contributing to DTPs; ‘best practices’ to avoid DTPs; and socio-economic effects resulting from DTPs in the region of research. The emphasis of the study will be on assessing and comparing the interrelated institutions, technologies, knowledge and practices implemented by farmers both in communal villages and freehold farms, in order to generate safe operating spaces and help avoid DTPs. We will begin by comparing cases within the same land tenure system, and then cases across the two land tenure systems.

Lead Institutions:

University of Cologne

Institute for Social-Ecological Research

Namibia University for Science and Technology

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