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work package S3

Scenario development and exploration of decision-making


This work package aims to explore the decision-making processes of communal and freehold farmers in the face of desertification tipping points, and how they perceive potential futures of local SESs. Uniquely, it combines well-established methods from the social sciences (vignettes) and the environmental sciences (scenario development) with the novel approach of Serious Gaming. In this way, qualitative scenarios will be developed of how farmers envision future land use options under different social and environmental conditions. The approach will also help identify feasible decision-making strategies that farmers employ to proactively manage their rangelands in the face of DTPs. We will adapt NomadSed, a strategic board game developed by UFZ for environmental education (, to the specific setting of the local SESs in the Greater Waterberg Landscape. At the same time, the game will be transformed into the Serious Game ‘NamSed’. A prototype version of NamSed was already tested during the field trip of the pre-phase. By confronting communal farmers with events in a hypothetical rangeland setting, we were able to stimulate discussions around management strategies, and assess how realistic certain events and strategies are. These discussions are a good starting point for the refinement of the game concept in the main phase.

Lead Institutions:

Helmholtz Zentrum für Umweltforschung GmbH - UFZ

Namibian University for Science and Technology

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